Amazon India Vs Flipkart – Including Pros and Cons

Online shopping in India is growing to a greater extent. A decade back, people in India use to visit the merchants to buy their products, but now with the help of digital marketing, online shopping in India made the customers’ to sit at home and purchase with the variety of choices. I have given a detailed study of Amazon India vs Flipkart – Pros and Cons of these two giants.

Amazon India Vs Flipkart

Amazon India and Flipkart are the giants of online shopping in India. These two giants individually have their specific features and fulfillments to sell their products.  These both giants are introducing much newer ways for the customers’ to buy their products. You can find the details of Amazon India vs Flipkart and the various options and offers given by these two giant merchants.

Comparison #1

Amazon India – Exclusive Online Shopping Mart

Whenever we see or hear the word Amazon even in TV or newspaper or no matter from where; it is bringing a great feel like how we feel for Diwali. Amazon is a name of an e-commerce company, based in Seattle, Washington, but it has turned its image as it is a magical word, full of excitements, sweet surprises like Santa Claus holding a bag filled with surprise gifts.

For introducing such an amazing online store for us, let us acknowledge Mr. Jeff Bezos, as he is the founder of Amazon. Establishment of Amazon was in 1994, and in 2013 Amazon India was launched.

Amazon has a wide variety of products in different brands and price ranges. Products such as electronic items, cosmetics, jewelry, kitchen products, software, garments, toys, sports, and even much more products are available, which are beyond our expectation. Consumers wonder by the range of products as they meet all category of consumers needs. Even the cheaper, innovative, technology-oriented products are well displayed.

Features of Amazon Prime?

In the year 2012 Amazon Prime was started. One of the main products of Amazon is Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime membership in India provides Prime Videos, which is an on-the-spot movie player. Amazon also offers Amazon Prime video also offers TV shows and documentary movies with a monthly or yearly subscription.

This Amazon Prime membership also extends Prime Music with no added cost. Millions of songs are available for download and can play online. Amazon introduced Prime Reading for e-books, magazines. People who have an email id under .edu domain are eligible for Prime Student opportunities. Amazon added Prime Pantry in 2014 for Prime subscribers by delivering non-perishable provisions at a less rate.

As I said earlier, Amazon surprises us with its added services to meet up our convenience level.

What is Fulfillment by Amazon?

Fulfilled by Amazon means, the seller can keep the stock of items in the warehouses of Amazon’s. Once a buyer made a purchase order, Amazon will find out from which city, the purchase is raised. Then, the Amazon associate will pick the item from the nearest warehouse city of purchase is raised and deliver it to the customer. By this way, the ordered item reaches the customer more quickly without taking a lengthy shipping time.

FBA helping sellers in their sales ratio and it also helping consumers in lesser shipping time and cost.

Tips to get the Best Deals from Amazon

#1. Prime Membership

The first important tip is getting prime membership from Amazon. Try with Rs. 129 per month subscription at least on the festival time or in offer month if you cannot pay Rs. 999 per year subscription.

Membership benefits you in many ways such as Prime Videos, Prime Music, Prime Reading, etc. Especially this will help with fast shipping. The product delivery time will be within one day. So, if anyone really in urgent for the product can avail this method. For the Prime Membership users, the sale begins a few hours priorly.

#2. Golden hours offer

Golden hours are for 2 hours a day with some great discount offers. Check with Amazon app on festival days periodically to not to miss the offers of golden hours.

#3. App only deals

Some offers will be given only via the app of Amazon, which we cannot see in the browser. Compare for best offers between app and browser.

#4. Debit or Credit Card Offers

Amazon gives 10% instant discount on SBI cards either debit or credit card. Debit card EMI option also available nowadays. If you are eligible for this option, it will automatically show this option in the payment section. If you did not get this option, check with your bank to make use of it. Initiate your purchase under Debit card EMI option after understanding the eligibility of money from the bank.

#5. Amazon pay balance offer

To make use of this offer, you need to preload your Amazon wallet with a sum of money. For example, fill your Amazon wallet with Rs. 3000 and then Amazon will credit Rs. 300 to the same. You cannot use both the SBI 10% discount along with wallet offer. You can use either one of it. According to the difference in discount money, use the one which saves you more money.

#6. EMI and Bajaj Finserv

No cost EMI is available on most of the products. If you are unable to pay through other payment options, use no-cost EMI option or Bajaj Finserv card to save money from unnecessary interest payment.

#7. Amazon Quiz

Participate in Amazon quiz. If you answer correctly to the questions, you will win Rs. 10,000 as Amazon pay balance. You can buy many more with the prize money according to your preference. So do not hesitate to participate. Most probably the questions will be easy to answer. Make a try to win your money.

#8. Exchange Offers

One of the fascinating facts to feel satisfied is the exchange offer of Amazon. Amazon always values the used products of the consumers to the best rate, which makes the consumers happy. Gain with such a chance. You can buy even a costlier mobile by exchanging the old one and also you can use any of the above methods to make a further discount on your bill money.

#9. Amazon App Jackpot

To avail this offer, first, you should uninstall your Amazon app, which you already have on your mobile. Then go to the website by the browser, there you can see a link provided as Amazon App Jackpot, click on it and scan the QR code given, then proceed with the download and install the Amazon app, then sign in to your Amazon account.

Now you have completed the process to win the jackpot. Amazon will select the lucky customers randomly. Who knows who will win? Give it a try without delaying.

#10. Amazon other offers

Apart from mobiles, Amazon gives nearly 80% off on cameras and even on other electronic devices.

You can see very great offers on Amazon Alexa, Echo devices and also on their other own products.

You can buy data cables, charging cables, mobiles cases cost below Rs. 100 and power banks for Rs. 399.

Problems with Amazon

#1. Clumsy appearance

Product presentation in Amazon is not up to the mark. The site looks crowdy. Amazon has a wide variety of products from the lower level to the higher level, but the appearance makes the consumers feel tough to select in the crowd.

#2. Messy search

Everyone use the search and filter option to select our needed product soon. When we search for Pendrive, it shows pens and the drives also, this is acceptable. When it is showing the products, which are nowhere related to the search is unacceptable. It is disturbing a lot.

#3. Traffic

As Amazon has unimaginable ranges of products, many people are gathering at least for a window shopping. It is making a lag in the speed.

#4. Delivery

Free delivery starts only from Rs. 500 and above purchases.  Also, the packing is not neat.  The layout and condition of the box will be looking bad.  We cannot say it is a box, it pretends like a box.

Sometimes, the product inside is too small, but the package looks too big. It makes the consumer think whether to receive it or not and sometimes creating a confusion whether he/she ordered it!

The above problems are slightly demotivating the consumers, but no complaint about the quality of the product.  Just refine your search and filter options to overcome the above.

Comparison #2

Flipkart – Booming Shopping Market Online

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company based in Bengaluru, India. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are the founders of Flipkart since October 2007. Flipkart is the pioneer in Indian online stores. It is proud to say that Flipkart, an Indian company is a competitor for some leading foreign online stores as well as to some Indian online stores.

Flipkart’s initial focus was on book sales.  Later Flipkart made its enormous extension in fashion, lifestyle, electronics, kitchen appliances, and digital media products.

Flipkart started Big Billion Day sales in 2015. It is a sale for three days with exciting offers. In 2016, Big Billion Day sales ratio was even more than the previous year. In 2017, sales ratio tripled than 2016’s Big Billion Day sales.

Flipkart has nearly 35 warehouses and 2.2 million square feet storage capacity. During the festival season, Flipkart increases the storage capacity minimally to 20%. Flipkart makes partnerships with smaller warehouses during this time.

Benefits and Advantages of Flipkart Assured?

Flipkart Assured is a seal. It denotes the quality of the product. The Flipkart Assured products have faster delivery times. On the whole, consumers can trust with no doubt on Flipkart Assured products according to the Flipkart. Orders above Rs. 500 is free shipping like other online stores.

Six quality checks done to get a Flipkart Assured seal. They are about product description, availability, assurance of product information, customer ratings, safe packing, fast and free shipping over Rs. 500. There is a filter option available to only check for the Flipkart Assured products.

What is Flipkart Plus?

Flipkart Plus is a newly added service. It is similar to Flipkart Assured with the benefits of free delivery for both Flipkart Assured and non-Flipkart Assured products, fast shipping, customer support, and the extra new feature in this is exchange coins to get offers.

Anyone can become a Flipkart Plus member by clicking the link given in the Flipkart application by collecting the 50 coins. For activation purpose, they deduct those 50 coins. There is no membership fee to join in Flipkart Plus. Membership validity is for one year. You can earn coins for every Rs. 250 spent on your purchase. The expiry period for coins is one year. Exchange the coins offers.

Outlines of Flipkart Advantage/Flipkart Fulfillment?

Flipkart Advantage is different from Flipkart Assured.  A tag for sellers who use Flipkart’s warehouse services is called Flipkart Advantage.

Flipkart fulfillment is a service for sellers, sellers resource the products, and Flipkart does the quality check, stocking, packing, and shipping. Buyers can enjoy the product with good quality and faster delivery.

Tips to get the Best Deals from Flipkart

#1. Debit or Credit Card Offers

Flipkart gives 10% instant discount on HDFC cards either debit or credit card. 10% discount on a big purchase will reflect on the great saving.

#2. Debit Card EMI

Debit card EMI option also available nowadays. If you are eligible for this option, it will automatically show this option in the payment section. If you did not get this option, check with your bank to make use of it. Get this option activated at least a few days before the sale starts to avoid last minute tension. Initiate your purchase under Debit card EMI option after understanding the eligibility of money from the bank.

#3. No Cost EMI and Bajaj Finserv

No cost EMI is available on most of the products. If you are unable to pay through other payment options, use no-cost EMI option or Bajaj Finserv card to save money from unnecessary interest payments. If you are planning for a big purchase, you can use this EMI option on some orders to avoid a burden on your pocket. It helps to buy everything as you planned when you do not have money on hand.

#4. Flipkart Protection Plan

Flipkart offers a protection plan for just Rs. 99 as festive day offer. This plan is for your mobile for theft coverage, damage, even for screen replacement. Rs. 99 is a very less amount when compared to the cost of buying a new mobile in case of theft or damage. It is the best offer for your mobile.

#5. Contest

During the festive season, Flipkart conducts contests. You need to watch for those contests and be ready to participate in it. Answer the questions from what you know. Luck might work at any point. Try without hesitation and win exciting prizes.

#6. Accessories

Mobile accessories like covers, cases, cables come under Rs. 100. Gain such offers and buy your collections for the entire year.

#7. Exchange offers

Exchanging the old for a new will console us greatly instead of keeping the old ones at home unnecessarily. Flipkart values the used items to a proper and reasonable cost, which comfort us even more.

#8. Keep checking for new offers

Some offers have a short time of availability, and some are on-time offer. Only for exceptional items, such timing offer come. To not to miss any such deals, keep checking from time to time.

#9. Display

Showcasing is always best in Flipkart, which makes selection easier than any other online stores. Filter option does its best, which will not collapse with other items. Flipkart has a neat presentation with vast varieties. Packing is always proper by Flipkart. Their decent delivery brings a smile while receiving the pack.

#10. Customer Care

Flipkart has a great and humble customer care team. Politeness in their words makes even an angry person calm. It encourages consumers to ask for their clarification without any hesitation.

Problems with Flipkart

#1. Less number of Products

Flipkart has a bit less number of products than Amazon, which upsets the loyal consumers of Flipkart and also the variety of options for the same brand is less too when compared with the other giant.

#2. Low range

The low range products are comparatively less. Costly items are displayed more. A wide range of products with multiple options would make the Flipkart customers happy purchasing.

#3. Less unique items

The products are mostly available on all online stores. Increasing the number of unique and interesting products will satisfy the consumers more.

Wrapping Up

The above guide will really help you in understanding and knowing the facts and comparison of Indian online shopping giants “Amazon India vs Flipkart.”

These are the tips and points with nooks and corners of both Indian online shopping giants personally experienced and are to the best of my knowledge. I believe the comparison guides with nitty-gritty would really help you all in handling with these giants in the best possible way.

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