Best Oven Toaster Griller Brands In India 2019 – OTG – Top Reviews & Buying Guide

The microwaves inventor is Percy Spencer. He took a great interest in electricity and radio transmissions, and it was the root cause that leads best oven toaster griller brands also in India. At the age of 18, Spencer signed up with the United States Navy, while serving his country he continued to learn all he could talk about metallurgy, chemistry, and physics. As he worked on a magnetron, he discovered that a candy bar in his pocket melted. Curious by that Spencer would later experiment with different food items such as eggs and corn kernels which in turn lead to the best oven toaster griller brands in India – OTG – 2019.

The results were cooked food and a breakthrough discovery. Spencer then coupled the magnetron with an enclosed metal box to focus the energy waves and speed up the cooking process. Raytheon would later patent the device as the radar range on October 8, 1945, but we know it today as the microwave. The first commercial microwave sold in 1946 for a cost of $5,000 for six foot tall and 700-pound device. In 1967 the price dropped to $495 and by 1975 microwave ovens can be found in 60% of American kitchens.

The popularity spread over time, and 90% of homes had a microwave by 1994. In such a way, microwave cooking has become more popular in India also. There are different types of ovens with many advanced features and styles are now available in India. In which one type of oven is OTG, i.e. oven toaster griller. Here we see some best oven toaster griller brands in India – OTG.

Best Oven Toaster Grillers Brands In India

Microwaves work with non-ionizing radiation which means that these little devices aren’t harmful to their users. The mesh covering on the doors allow light out but bounce the waves back to the food. Metals such as aluminum attract those waves and will work. So avoid using anything that is not labeled microwave safe. The magnetron works on the liquid in food, but not with the oils.

Before we proceed to see the best oven toaster griller brands in India – OTG, we need to know the types of ovens and which type of oven suits to whom. One of the first questions, when you want to start baking, is, which oven is best for you, should I buy a convection microwave, an OTG or go in for a built-in oven? Which is the best oven for a beginner? So here are a few things you would need to know and a few things to consider before you start your affair with your oven for a lifetime!

Broadly speaking, you could go in for the counter-top ovens, which are the best oven toaster griller brands in India – OTG – the kind which sits on the counter of your kitchen, or you could also go in for the built-in ovens, the kind which is built into the wall of your kitchen. Again in the countertop ovens, you could go in for a convection microwave or go in for an oven toaster griller which is commonly called as an OTG. Built-in ovens again could be either convection microwaves or gas operated ovens or electric ovens.

So when you plan to buy the best oven toaster griller brands in India – OTG; here are a few things to know and consider. The capacity of the oven, which decides and determines how much by way of the quantity you could bake at a time, your level of interest in baking, the space you have to accommodate your oven, your budget and the after-sale services available in your city for the brand. So let’s take a look at the convection microwave here. A convection microwave can cook, reheat, grill food and bake your food as well.

So this is one compact gadget which does it all. And it’s effortless to use, bakes your food evenly all the time. Microwaves normally come with digital controls and display, a feature I love and appreciate. But then microwaves can be quite heavy, so you can’t really shift or move them around, so you need to have enough space on your kitchen counter reserved for this oven.

The maximum capacity of microwave could be around 32 liters, and if you are going for a microwave of this capacity, you could easily bake for a family of 4. So do not buy a microwave which is less than 22 liters in capacity. A convection microwave can cost upwards of Rs.15, 000 depending on the brand, capacity and the model you are buying and of course whether you are buying it online or offline. One major drawback about the convection microwave is that it is limited by capacity.

You can bake on only one rack and one level at a time. Meaning you can bake one cake or one sheet of cookies at a time. You can’t use some standard sized large baking tins in a convection microwave, especially the rectangular ones, because the tin will keep hitting the walls of the microwave as the turntable rotates. So if you entertain very often or if you aspire to bake commercially, the limited capacity of a microwave may prove to be a severe drawback.

So be sure to go to the store, and take a look at the various models available, and also read reviews about the model you plan to purchase. Do check the after sale services available in your city for the brand.

Best OTG Brands in India – Types and Highlights

Coming to our Oven, Toaster, Griller or what is commonly called as an OTG (best oven toaster griller brands) here in India, you can grill toast and bake your food and even keep it warm. But you can’t use it for cooking or reheating your food. Which means that if you have an OTG, you would still need to have a microwave to cook and re-heat your food, which means additional counter space in your kitchen to house both the gadgets. The best oven toaster griller brands in India – OTG – are quite lighter in weight, which means that you can move it around, and you could also shift it as and when you need it.

OTGs normally come with manual controls. This type will cost you anywhere Rs.9,000 upwards depending on the brand, capacity and the model you would be buying. And again, as usual, online and offline prices may vary. The capacity of OTGs goes typically up to 60 liters, which means that you could bake more at a time, you could bake two cakes or you know two sheets of cookies and even bake on two levels at a time.

So, do not buy an oven too small as then you would not be able to fit in most standard sized trays and tins, even the 8’’ or 9 ‘’ round or square tins, will not fit in a tiny oven. So the minimum size I would suggest if you are going to buy the best oven toaster griller brands in India, OTG would be about 28 liters. And you can go for even bigger ones if you aspire to bake commercially.

Bigger OTGs come with different modes for baking as well, so be prepared to spend some time in figuring out what works best for you and how your oven works. Again, do visit the store and read reviews for various models before you decide to buy. And definitely, do check the after-sale services available for the brand in your city.

Top Oven Toaster Grillers Brands In India

In India, there are many brands, oven toaster griller brands – OTG – that roam around us with their home appliances which may or may not be safe or trustable. To solve such confusions, here are the top and best oven toaster griller brands in India and some best OTG oven in India with reviews.

Bajaj – Jamnalal Bajaj was the founding father of Bajaj Electricals Limited. It is a trusted company and well known for consumer products. Bajaj Electricals Limited has 19 branch offices spread in different parts of the country. They are supported by a chain of distributors, authorized dealers, retail outlets, and exclusive showrooms under “Bajaj World.”

Bajaj Electricals has over 450 customer care centres. “Inspiring Trust” is the tagline of Bajaj Electricals. They have partnered up with other reputed brands from across the world to give their best. Bajaj also exists with brands like Morphy Richards and Platini in India.

Morphy Richards – Morphy Richards is a part of a leading manufacturer Glen Dimplex Group. Morphy Richards has been a pioneer in household appliances in Europe for over 80 years. They equally produced a wide range of personal care products. Their mission is to give style and sophistication to the customers.

Morphy Richards is marketed and serviced by Bajaj Electricals Limited, which is India’s leading appliances company. Hence, Morphy Richards is offering Indian customers to enjoy the international quality of products.

Usha – The legendary Lala Shriram was the founder of the Siddharth Shriram group in 1889. Their business extended in many fields like textiles, automobiles, chemicals, automotive components, edible oil, fertilizers, sewing machines, fans, home appliances, etc. They earned the trust and respect from their customers in India and also abroad.

Usha International Ltd, a constituent of the group formed in 1934 and their business was undergone with the brand name USHA. This brand name has become very much familiar in India for household appliances.

Prestige – Prestige is an Indian company founded in the year of 1928 by T. T. Krishnamachari. The reliable products of Prestige have occupied a considerable space among the consumers. Prestige is one of India’s largest kitchen appliances companies.  The most trustable brands in India is Prestige kitchen appliances.

Prestige Smart Kitchen is a division of Prestige Ltd.; it is an outlet from where consumers can buy Prestige products 365 days a year. It has a personalized sales team to help and support consumer needs.

Havells – Havells India Limited is a leading company and well known for its FMEG, Fast Moving Electrical Goods. The wide range of products from Havells includes cables, wires, protection devices, switches, motors, fans, air conditioners, electric water heaters, home appliances, etc.

Havells products reached nearly 40 countries. Havells has earned the trust of being the preferred choice of electrical products in the market by the consumers. The quality of Havells products is same in India and abroad.

Top 5 Best OTG oven brands in India

Product #1

Bajaj Majesty 2800 TMCSS 28-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (Silver)

Bajaj Majesty 2800 TMCSS is for your convenience to make delicious foods. Easy timer setting knob is given for any deep fry dishes with a 60-minute timer. Oil-free items, soft bread and cakes, grill meats and vegetables without losing any supplements for your sweet family with Bajaj Majesty 2800 TMCSS.  This model is one of the best oven toaster griller brands in India – OTG.

Highlights and Features

Enjoy cooking without tired

  • Bajaj Majesty 2800 TMCSS has a 60-minute timer and preset menu button. No need to learn, train, and cook with fear even for the first time as it has clear and simple selector knobs, which make your cooking enjoyable.
  • Healthily prepare your desired dishes.


  • Rotis and papads can be done quickly with oil-free; bake cakes, biscuits, cookies, and bread; grill meat and vegetables with the crispy outside and buttery inside using grill rack, and use skew rods for cooking one whole chicken, etc., etc. OTG helps to bake two cake at a time with two stands.


Defrost and serve hot

    • You can defrost your frozen meals with 0-250 degree thermostat and also keep the cooked food warm until you serve.
    • Safety and Trendy.
  • Bajaj Majesty 2800 TMCSS comes in trendy design with the stainless steel body, which assures reliability and durability.



  • It comes with easy to use control selectors.
  • Easy and instant defrost.
  • Serve hot always with keeping the food warm facility.
  • Bake, toast, grill with one device right at your fingertips.
  • Can bake even 2 kg of cake at a time.
  • It has enough room space to cook perfectly for a medium-sized family.
  • It has a rotisserie function.


  • No auto menu feature.
  • It does not have the light inside.
Product #2

Morphy Richards OTG Besta 40-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (Black)

Morphy Richards Besta Black is famous for “Smart Bake” technology. With this best oven toaster griller brands in India – OTG, you can make mouth-watering dishes with the most excellent results. You can grill, bake, and maintain proper temperature to the food even after cooking. It has 120 minutes timer facility and detachable crumb tray for everyday use.

Highlights and Features

  • Easy cooking – Morphy Richards OTG Besta 40-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (Black) has a 120-minute timer for continuous cooking without any interference. It also comes with motorized rotisserie. Easy to use on-the-go.


  • Mouth-watering dishes -This model is a Smart Bake technology OTG, apt for baking, which meets all your baking needs and perfect for grilling and roasts. With the 120-minute timer, you can grill your chicken juicy and crispy. Make your tasty and healthy less or oil-free foods within seconds.


  • Warming facility -The temperature control range is 0-230 degree C, which also helps you to serve your food warm.


  • Safety and security – It is designed in a simple and easily understandable way, which do not require a demo. The cavity material of the OTG is metal, which has good durability and obviously your food will be cooked fast.



  • Cook fast with the metal cavity.
  • Motorized rotisserie type.
  • 120-minute timer for nonstop cooking.
  • Keep warm facilitated.
  • Easy to handle without any confusion.
  • Detachable crumb tray for easy everyday use.
  • Size of 40 liters is well enough for a big family.


  • No auto menu feature.
  • No recipe book comes along.
Product #3

Usha 19L (OTGW 3619R) Oven Toaster Grill (Wine & Matte Black)

Usha is also considered as the best oven toaster griller brands in India  – OTG -19L OTGW 3619R described as Bakery Specialist and Mom’s Bakery. As per this description, with Usha 19L OTGW 3619R, you can make much magic with its large number of accessories. To facilitate us and not to miss any dish from doing, Usha 19L OTGW 3619R introduced with all necessary fittings like a bumper.


Highlights and Features

  • Bumper offer – As the proverb “Do not judge a book by its cover” here “Do not judge this OTG by its size.” The size of the OTG is small but perfect for 4-member family with most necessary accessories. Anyone with creative ideas in cooking can hunt it to prove their abilities.
  • Rotisserie-Patisserie – Apart from regular baking, toasting, grilling, Usha OTG provides the new facility to make patisserie dishes, which is sweets and pastries. To get perfect brown roasts, Usha OTG also providing you 360-degree rotisserie feature.
  • Healthy cooking – For sweet cravings bake soft and spongy cakes like professionals. Make pizzas, cookies, muffins, etc., etc., with best results.
  • For health-conscious – Make oil-free grills of your preferred vegetables and meats without spoiling any supplements.
  • Design and Quality – It comes with a trendy design with black and wine red. The temperature control range is 0-250 degree C to cook all kind of foods perfect with steel cavity inside.


  • A trendy look with see-through door to view the stages of cooking.
  • Chamber light was given to view the food without opening.
  • Serve hot ever with warming function.
  • Many accessories for multiple applications.
  • Can bake 2 kg of cake and grill 2 kg of chicken with this USHA 19 L OTG.
  • 360-degree rotisserie feature for perfect roasts.
  • Steel cavity which helps to cook fast.


  • No auto menu feature.
  • No auto thermostat.
Product #4

Prestige POTG 36 PCR 1500-Watt Oven Toaster Grill

Prestige; the name says it as the best oven toaster griller brand in India – OTG- makes easy to prepare your delicious dishes like pizzas, kebabs, tikkas, bread, cakes, biscuits, baked vegetables, and much more. It comes with rotisserie function with 1500 watts power motor. For durability, the outer body is a powder coat finish. For better display, the full-size glass door is given.

Highlights and Features

  • High Efficiency – This unit is designed with four high-quality stainless steel heaters to heat fast and cook fast. Temperature control up to 250 degrees with convenient timer settings. The full-size glass door is much more comfortable to view the stages of your dish.
  • Highly Equipped – The OTG is equipped with a cool handle, which is easy to operate irrespective of the temperature inside. This unit is also fitted with an enameled crumb tray for better baking and steel wire rack for grilling purposes.
  • Design and Safety – For cool handles; the unit is well designed for safety with powder coated outer body and 4 SS heaters for better and fast cooking to excite your family. OTG comes with various accessories to bake conveniently and safely.
  • Auto Menu – This Prestige OTG comes with six auto menu features, which ease your cooking by just selecting the menu of your need.


  • Stainless steel cavity with four stainless steel heaters for fast cooking.
  • Full-size see-through glass door.
  • Rotisserie function for uniform heating.
  • Various accessories which help everyday use.
  • Six auto menu features.
  • Auto shut-off and auto thermostat features add convenience.


  • No reheating facility.
  • No light inside the unit.
Product #5

Havells 24 RPSS 24-Litre 1500-Watt Stainless Steel Oven Toaster Grill (Black)

The outer body of the Havells – one of the best oven toaster griller brands in India – OTG – is made of superior quality stainless steel, which is rust-free. The temperature knob is from 100 degree Celsius to 250 degree Celsius with four separate temperature settings, provides great grilling, baking, and toasting. It has motorized rotisserie for perfect and all-around grilling. Havells OTG also comes with food grade nonstick bake tray to make all your food hygienic and easy to clean. There is a convenient timer with a 60-minute range. Food cooks better in the Havells OTG because of two heating rods placed on the upper and lower body. Enjoy your tasty pasta, pizzas, cakes, and cookies with Havells.

Highlights and Features

  • Bake Tray and Rotisserie – Havells OTG comes with a state-of-the-art food grade nonstick bake tray to make all your food hygienic, safe and easy to clean. The motorized rotisserie for your flawless and all-around grilling. The Havells OTG takes innovativeness, a step further with unique pizza pantry and rotisserie to help you make all-round cooking pizzas as the professionals do.
  • Temperature Range – THavells OTG’s comes with a long-range temperature knob from 100 degree Celsius to 250 degree Celsius with four separate temperature settings provided for grilling, baking, and toasting. The convenient timer is with 60-minute range. The Havells OTG is powered by two different heating elements of 750-watt power each and comes equipped with a standard 6-ampere three-pin plug top.
  • Built Quality – The outer body of the Havells OTG is made of superior quality stainless steel, which is rust-free extremely reliable, desirable and in SS finish range of appliances.


  • Motorized rotisserie function for 360-degree grilling.
  • Stainless steel cavity for fast cooking.
  • Auto menu options are given since most OTG does not have this option.
  • Trendy built quality with safety and durability.
  • Unique pizza pan tray for perfect results.
  • Nonstick bake tray for hygiene and easy cleaning.


  • No auto thermostat.
  • Less auto menu options.
  • The 120-minute timer should have been given for its capacity.

Best Oven Toaster Grillers in India review - Buying Guide

Kitchen Space - According to the room space availability in the kitchen, select your OTG capacity.

Service Center - Before buying an OTG unit, check for the service center of your selected OTG brand's availability in your locality to avoid inconvenience later.

Family Size - Depending on the number of members in the family, selecting the capacity of an OTG would be best. If your family consists of 3 members, make your OTG choice between 20 ltr to 30 ltr in capacity. Or, if your family has five members, go for 30 to 40 ltr capacity.

Budget - Last but important thing is budget. Invest your money by considering all the above. Select and filter from your wish list and make a smart buy.

The above four essential points will be helpful for you to find the best over toaster grillers in India to review and buy.

Best Oven Toaster Grillers price in India

Briefly, the best oven toaster griller brands in India - OTG - has two heating coils inside the top and bottom of the unit. With these two heating coils, the food is getting cooked in OTG. OTG is the perfect one for baking cakes, cookies, pizzas, grilling and toasting. There are some OTG with convection too. Such types of OTGs are even faster and perfect in baking. On the whole, the best oven toaster grillers price in India ranges between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 15,000.

Best OTG oven to buy in India

As per the survey, the best oven toaster griller brands - OTG- to buy in India is - buying an OTG between 25 to 35 ltr capacity, it suits most of our family sizes and needs; the OTG, which has the rust-free cavity; the OTG which comes with all the necessary accessories, rotisserie function; the brand of your OTG, which has the service center in your locality; features like auto menu, light inside the cavity, auto shut-off, keep warm, heat resistant handle, free installation, and demo are the qualities of the best oven toaster grillers' reviews in India.


Wrap Up

I highly recommend you go through all the brands listed above in great details.  Choose the best one you need for your home considering the members in your family and the usage of it.  By choosing on the capacity and liters, it would really help you in saving electric bill.

Think better, choose the best one, eat healthily and live a happy and long life.

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