Best Water Purifier Brands In India 2019 – Top Reviews & Buying Guide

We all know that there is no life for humans without water. The chemical name for water is H2O. I, now, present you a detailed buying guide for the best water purifier brands in India 2019.

Reasons To Prefer Best Water Purifier Brands In India

Around thirty to forty years back, we humans mainly drink pipe water, surface water, and groundwater. Whey days pass by people were affected by many diseases because of impurified water.

There came the introduction of water purifiers in India. Nowadays, water purifiers have become an essential thing in our daily life. Wherever you go, you might see a water purifier. It is because any source of water is polluted and contains impurities.  This can cause deadly diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, malaria and many more. So, it is wise to choose one of the best water purifier brands in India to lead a healthy life and keep your family out of water-borne diseases.

5 Top Water Purifier Brands In India

Product #1

#1 LG Puricare RO Water Purifier

Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank

This LG RO water purifier of the latest technology is the best water purifier brands in India for home reviews. It is the only one with a stainless steel water storage tank. Stainless steel water storage tank keeps the water clean enough than other storage tanks. The colour of the product adds beauty to the purifier. Free installation is available from LG once you receive the product. The overall look of the product looks fantastic, and the built quality of this LG water purifier is premium. As the capacity is 8 liters, it should be unquestionably more than enough for a family.


  • 5 stage RO purification method
  • Stainless steel water storage tank
  • One year complimentary service from LG
  • Filter life for 6000 liters.


  •  No beeper.
Product #2

#2 Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance

RO+UV+UF+MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes is one of the oldest water purifier brands in India and best Aquaguard water purifier review.  Most importantly, it comes with 7-liter capacity. This purifies the water to its best without any bacteria in it. Since the water flows through multiple stage filtration process, elements like lead and iron in the water will be entirely removed. The taste of water is more enhancing and better. The overall look is good. Besides good looking, the packing and quality of the product are considered to be reliable. This Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifier doesn’t look bulky.  It can be wall mounted quickly as the weight is not too heavy.


  • RO+UV+UF with 7-liter capacity
  • One year Eureka Forbes comprehensive warranty
  • Less price online
  • Free installation


  • Aluminium UV
Product #3

#3 Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier

PureIt is one of the latest, fast moving and best water purifier brands in India for home use. This PureIt ultima does both RO and UV treatment for water.  It dispenses water with just a press of a button. With 6-stage purification, this PureIt Ultimate RO+UV water purifier gives a stunning look.  It contains TDS modulator and LED display in it. The storage capacity of this water purifier is 10 liters.  You need not worry about running out of the water. There is a germ-kill kit in it, and the digital advance alert system gives you an alert 15 days before the end of life of the germ-kill kit.


  • RO+UV with 10-liter storage capacity
  • Good output
  • Filter and tap components
  • One year warranty on the product


  • Every six months service needed
Product #4

#4 Blue Star Majesto RO+UV Water Filter

Blue Star is one of the leading company in India for home appliances. They have turned their vision towards water purifiers also. They produce one of the top ten water purifiers in India. This Blue Star Majesto RO-UV Water Filter is available in White and Golden colours. The technology of this water purifier stands with UV+RO water purification. As the storage capacity of this water purifier is 8 liters, therefore, it should be more than enough for a standard family. The power consumption is less for this water purifier to undergo its whole process.


  • One free pre-filter provided
  • The product contains one year warranty
  • Comes with Aqua Taste Booster
  • Less power consumption


  • More motor noise
Product #5

#5 Livpure TOUCH 2000 PLUS

8.5L RO + UV +UF Water Purifier

Livpure is one of the leading water purifier brands in India and best water purifiers for home use. It is available in white and royal blue colours. First of all, this is eco-friendly and smooth-touch water purifier system with the indication of filter life displayed. This Livpure RO+UV+UF water purifier is perfectly designed and easy to operate the touch display. It is a Bluetooth connected water purifier. you can operate this water purifier with the help of Bluetooth remotely.


  • Extended online warranty available for 2 years at consumers' choice
  • Advanced water purification system with 7-stage filtration
  • It works up to 1500 to 2000 TDS level
  • Purifies approximately 15 liters of water per hour


  • Slow flow of water

Top Water Purifiers Brands In India 2019 - Buying Guide

Water purifiers are totally based on how it purifies the water. Mostly the water from the earth contains some mineral ingredients; some of them are healthy minerals, but there are some harmful minerals also.

Best RO Water Purifier Brands In India Reviews

Reverse osmosis is becoming a fine-tuning process of water purification. Similarly, it is the best water purifier in India for home use.

Types Of Water Purifying Methods

#1. Regular water purifying method - This is more or like a filtration process in two or three levels. Water will store in one level with the filter fitted in that level. These filters suck water in them and purify the dust particles and then store the water in the next level. People use to drink this water from the second level.

#2. Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifying method - This technology of reverse osmosis will remove more impure contaminants from water. The polluting substances in water can be extracted using reverse osmosis purification.

In other words, when you apply pressure via salt water, it flows through a semi-permeable membrane by removing poisonous and polluting substances and then becomes fresh water with all water ingredients in it. Now, it is ready to drink.

What are the sources of water?

Municipal or corporation Water - Water served to all people in the country using a pipe. The water is purified in the water plant and then distributed to all over the nation by the corporation.

Surface water - Water from rivers, lake, pond, stream, etc. are called surface water. The surface water is used mainly in villages and where rivers run through.

Groundwater - Water below the ground level is called underground water. Its used for drinking, irrigation, and other purposes are called groundwater. Groundwater is the primary source of water in most of the places in India.  You know that almost the whole India is dependable for groundwater for drinking, irrigation, and others.

Which is the best RO water purifier?

The purifier with RO - reverse osmosis technology that brings down the TDS level to around 30 to 40 is considered to the best RO water purifier.

If the TDS is anywhere between 200 to 2000 ppm, then it is good to consider the best RO water purifier in India keeping in mind the health of you and your family. If water to your house is supplied through multiple sources, then you might consider opting for an RO water purifier as the TDS of the water may vary day to day or if the water source changes.

What is water quality?

You could differentiate the quality of the water into two types as soft water and hard water.

If the TDS value of the water ranges between 100 to 300 ppm, hence it is considered to be the soft water. Likewise, if the TDS value is above the 300 ppm that is hard for drinking, it is considered to be the hard water.  I recommend you all to drink soft water for a healthier life.

What is TDS?

TDS - Total dissolved solids

TDS - total dissolved solids is found mostly in groundwater. Furthermore, if the level of the TDS is more then the consumption of that water leads to harmful diseases. TDS level in the water changes the taste of the water that can cause to dreadful diseases and also might affect our intestine organs.

TDS concentration in the water is measured in ppm - parts per million.  It is also measured in mg/L (milligrams per unit volume of water). The main components are normally magnesium, potassium, calcium deposits, anions like sulfate, chloride, bicarbonate, especially nitrate in the groundwater.

People who have kidney related diseases should consume water only if the TDS level is below 100 ppm.  It is always best for you to check the TDS level before buying any water purifier.  If the TDS level is low or less, then I hope that you have a good and healthy life.

TDS Level in ppm
Less than 300
Great and recommended for everyone
Good, especially for athletes
Moderate, bad for kidneys
Very poor and bad for kidneys
More than 1200

Above all, high TDS level water sources give you an annoying taste that could be metallic, salty or bitter. There are some ways like reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, distillation and deionization that reduces the level of TDS from the water.

What are the tests conducted to know the chemical attributes in water?

There are many water test conducted to know the percentage of chemical attributes, which are below.

1. pH level.
3. Calcium deposits and hardness level test.
3. Chloride level test.
4. Chemical Oxygen Demand test.
5. Total Suspended Salts (TSS level) test
6. Total alkalinity test.
7. Dissolved Oxygen level test.
8. Electrical Conductivity test.
9. Biological Oxygen Demand test.
10. Total Dissolved Salts

My Suggestions

I would suggest you buy the "LG Puricare WW130NP RO Water Purifier with Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank" as this is the only water purifier as of now in India with stainless steel storage capacity.


You all very well know that water is purer when stored in a stainless steel storage tank than the plastic storage tank or plastic fiber storage tank. Also, LG is a worldwide brand with free installation and easy customer service reach.


#1. Is RO - reverse osmosis water purifier is necessary?
Yes, it is. All the other water purification process like activated carbon, UV (ultraviolet), UF(ultrafiltration) does not reduce the TDS level to a greater extent, so it is necessary that you buy an RO water purifier to bring the TDS level of the water to excellent range and live and happy and healthier life.
#2. Will water purifiers soften the water?
Yes. The above mentioned best water purifier brands in India softens the water. The TDS level would be high in rough water because of its hardness level. These total dissolved salt (TDS) ratio is purified by RO process and thus makes the water soften and tastier to drink.

#3. Does the water purifier operate only with on electricity or is there a battery-supported water purifier?
Water purifiers that operate with electric power are the best for home use. I don’t think so there is a water purifier that operates with the battery.

Wrap Up

I strongly recommend you all to go through the above guide for best water purifier brands in India  2019 before ordering online. All the above suggested are the best water purifier brands in India 2019. There are many advantages to each brand which you can opt for.  Hence, select the best one that suits your home and live a healthy and happier life with your family.

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