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In India, online shopping percentage is increasing periodically where 60-70% of shopping is done through online nowadays. Most people prefer to buy online, not because online deals are always best than offline but online choices a limitless variety of products, which comforts us effortlessly able to order what we like just by relaxing wherever we are.  This complete Indian online shopping guide saves your time and reduces energy consumption by not rushing in a crowd and bargaining with the seller.

People got enough knowledge to buy products without face to face contact between buyer and seller by using all the choices and options given by the provider including cash back, coupon codes, etc.  Previously Indian people do not get satisfied with any product without examining it in person.  But now people learned to buy their needs with the images and information provided.  This tremendous change happened only with some trusted e-commerce sites.

Most of the sites rise only during festival season and vanish suddenly. Such sites show up some products on site and deliver a different one to customers. We cannot even reach them through the mail or toll-free number provided on site. Product reviews also they create to fake. Some e-commerce sites are not clear with their policies. Still, some e-commerce sites other sites do not deliver their customers’ needs at the doorstep. As this is one of the main advantages of online shopping, which ease our customers, where some e-commerce sites fail too.

Top Indian Online Shopping Guide Sites

#1. Amazon India

Amazon India is one of the top online shopping giants in India.  Since its launch in India, Amazon has an upward trending in its sales and also has gained the customers’ trust by its marketing plans.  Amazon India is based on the business outline of E-commerce.  Amazon India has been spread all over India by opening branch offices and warehouses.

#2. Flipkart

Flipkart is again is one of the leading Indian online shopping giants.  It has been decades since it has been established in India.  The trust they have developed towards its consumers are simply astonishing.  They are more known in India and well established because of their diligence and proper valuation towards their consumers.

Tips And Guide To Get Better Deals

Some people believe online sales are fake even now. They feel that sellers increase the price and then give the discount. Many people nowadays trust online sales. To solve this dilemma, add all the items that you need to buy, to your wish list. By doing this, you can see whether the price fall is real or if the sellers are rising the price up and down to trick you. Also, check in on your wish list keeps you away from the front page, which tricks you into impulsive shopping.

Trust does not come in overnight, which comes only with the behavior of the seller. It means the terms and agreements of the e-commerce sites. Trusted sites are clear with policies and offers they provide. They do communicate with their customers in front of their upcoming deals, which helps the customers to plan accordingly for the purchase.

Most of these tips in this complete Indian online shopping guide come from my own experience, so you can consider these tips as a suggestion while making a purchase.

#1. Research and Compare

As far as I know in Indian online shopping, many people investigate their product before ordering by comparing the prices and specifications. Many of us do it manually, but there is some extension to ease us. It shows the comparison of our product with other online stores and gives the result. But I do it manually to save my screen space. Searching for your product across all online stores gives you a better idea as to where to purchase. Do not compare the products you need only with the price category. This complete Indian online shopping guide helps you to compare your products with the brand, the specifications, the quality, and others. Such a comparison makes your deal best.

If you are looking for a big purchase, then you have to wait for the festival season. The festive sale would start all around where you might get a better deal. A year ago, I wanted to furnish my new house before two months of Diwali. So I decided to wait to see the upcoming offers on Diwali from various online stores. My wait saved me a lot of money. I purchased all my needs with a great discount offer. So if your purchase is not urgent, wait for a festival sale and make your deal.

#2. Plan and Decide

Plan before doing an online shopping. Once your investigation process is over, you can come to a conclusion where to buy. Now plan according to your budget. It is not necessary to buy more as the options are more. Buy only according to the need. Avoid buying unnecessary products or the products not necessarily used. This will make a great deal in saving your money. Do not deviate from the planned list by seeing a wide variety of products holding attracting offers. Stay focused on your budget and save more.

Make your shopping worth buying the best product. Do not always target for the cheaper priced product and do not focus on the costlier ones too. Most of the times, middle range products helps with durability. No need to buy 5-star rated electronic items always. Plan for your need and make a buy. For example, if you are planning to buy an air conditioner for your home, go for a 3-star rated air conditioner for night time use alone. You can opt for a 5-star rated air conditioner if the need be. Think wide in all the aspects of online shopping. Just do not compare only with the price and ratings, always think according to the usage. Spend more on frequently used items.

#3. Measurement and Factors Of Online Shopping

Whenever you are buying items like a dress, a table or even a handbag, check the size specifications and know the actual sizes mentioned there, then add it to your cart. Do not judge an item by looking at the picture. It might mislead you at times and put you in trouble.

When you are trying to purchase a dress, always check for the size chart. Size charts differ from one online store to other. I lost my money without the knowledge of size chart and just by looking at the image. So I always start with a tape when I make the purchase. Even when I bought a table, I cross-checked the sizes they have given in length, breadth, and height with my existing table at home. Of course, it is returnable, but arrangements for the return process is a mess.

So better to know well priorly that it fit in my space available at my home and makes myself satisfied that my selection is right.

#4. Return and Refund

Once you fill your cart, always check for the convenience about return and refund aspects also. I always trust the online stores where the return policies are clear. When you plan to purchase an item, give equal importance to know whether it is returnable or refundable. When I am new to online purchase, I thought return or refund is a default option for any purchase through online. I do not know that for certain items, some online stores do not make any refund or return. Without knowing this, I faced an issue which ended up in an argument. So, confirm again before purchasing to avoid such a scenario. Save time and money by going through this complete Indian online shopping guide.

#5. Cashback and Coupons

Many online shoppers are not aware of cashback websites. You can save from 5% to even 20% on your total price. Coupon codes will opt when you are leading to the payment gateway. Do not feel laze to search for the coupon codes. This 5% discount might be a small saving, but it does help in the long run. Make use of this complete Indian online shopping guide to save every penny of yours.

#6. Seasonal stores – Not Trustworthy

Some seasonal online stores grow on festival times and disappear later. Do not trust such stores. Even if you like any item from such a new store, make COD and be on the safer side. Some online stores describe or present the image as Satin and deliver it in Cotton, which disappoints us. As they are seasonal stores, we cannot even contact them with the toll-free provided on their site. So make your purchase on genuine and reputed stores, which never disappoint you or at least return or refund satisfy us.

#7. Customer Review and Results

To avoid any disappointments by an online store, it is better you read customers’ review to know if they are satisfied with the product or not, what ranking the customers have given and what are their ideas about the product. I always read reviews to know more from the customer’s point of view and I do write reviews to help customers like me. Best reviews and results earn you some points or surprise gifts.

#8. Subscribe for Offers

Subscribe your favorite online stores to know about the upcoming deals and offers beforehand. It is an advantage to plan the purchase without missing the offer. When you subscribe to your favorite online store, you might receive reminders of offers they provide. Save you money by avoiding purchase offline.

#9. Shipping Cost

Many online stores offer free shipping even on a minimum order for Rs. 500. But you have to pay for the shipping if the worth is below is Rs. 500. To avoid shipping cost, always make a purchase to their set minimum for free shipping. I am not suggesting to buy unnecessarily instead buy any provision for your daily usage, which is not going to be a waste of your money.

Shipping cost varies depending on the purchase. If we want the product delivered the next day of the purchase order, this costs more shipping cost. If you are not in urgency, wait for a week to receive the product with free shipping. Shipping costs vary from one online store to other. Do not forget to pay your attention in getting your product by free shipping.

Also, check for any unusual tax amount totaled. Make yourself clear for any money added before making your payment.

#10. Mode of Payment

In this complete Indian online shopping guide, I have clearly explained the mode of payment as it is the final step and more important.  Before entering into payment section, do double check your cart whether it is filled only with what you added and make filters at last here, if you find any as unnecessary and proceed to payment. The usual payment modes are Debit/Credit Card, EMI, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery. Make use of 0% EMI option if available, to avoid burden.

Some stores provide you the coupon code or the cashback offers at the payment section. Many online stores and even banks are supporting 3rd party payment gateway like Paytm etc. This complete Indian online shopping guide will tell you what is the use if we pay through 3rd party payment gateway. If you see pay via the Paytm option on payment gateway, check whether there is a cashback offer provided. Usually, there will be an offer. The other method is you can preload cash in any of your favorite cashback offerings’ website. Pay from there and claim the offer.

Banks encourage online shopping by paying through their credit card and even with debit card payment. Banks provide cash backs and discounts by paying through their card. Some banks provide more offers than other banks. Get to know which bank provides more offers in online shopping and get an account for their card and make use of their discounts.

Wrapping Up

Mistakes and losses may happen, but nowadays there are some ways to get rid of them wisely by reading other’s experiences and reviews. So make use of it. The complete Indian online shopping guide from above has come from my own personal experience. I think it would help you and guide you in a complete way on how to purchase or do online shopping.

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