About Us

Online shopping has moved on to a different level in this new revolution. Around 60% to 70% of consumers prefer online shopping. So, we provide a complete review and solution with choices of products for you to buy a product. We write reviews for FMCG – fast moving consumer goods.

We concentrate the giants of online shopping in India – Amazon India and Flipkart. As usually, our customers get confused for the best e-commerce marketer, we reduced to lengthen our search and sit around these two giants.  Also that these two giants are the most trustworthy e-commerce sites in India, we lay on them.

Why consumers prefer online shopping?

First thing is that they can sit relax at home, see the products with different brands, select their price range and choose a product to buy. Since cash on delivery is available for more number of products, consumers are happy to choose any products.

The giants of online shopping in India – Amazon India and Flipkart – are giving offers and discounts for almost all the products. As these giants have built their trust among consumers, they pay instantly using the credit card or debit card when the choose a product.

What do we do?

We do a complete research and analysis for each product that is reviewed and present you the best selling and quality product selling online. We select the products that are mostly used by our consumers, get know about it, research it thoroughly, dig deep about the material, cost, quality of the product, shipping time, warranty and guarantee, replacement claim, cashback offers, return policy, deals, subscription, brand name and owner, insurance, and other aspects.

How do we present a product?

We give a clear and crisp description of each product with a good and exact image.  We make sure the description is exact about the specified product and also see it is very informative.  We also provide pros and cons for each product that is being presented.

We not only write reviews of the products, but also give a complete guide for our consumers on how to buy a production through Indian online shopping. This guide will help our consumers to know the nooks and corners of online shopping and where to buy it. We have clearly explained in detail about these two giants and also have provided the comparison for these two giants.

What is our aim?

Our aim is to gain our customers’ trust by providing them perfect and noble reviews on products. We want our consumers/users/readers to buy products from a trusted place and also want them to gain knowledge of the products they buy. We always want to be peculiar in products review and write the review in a way to see that how our customers’ feel of a product, how it will be helpful to them, how frequently the products are used, how does the chosen product stand away from others, will the product be user-friendly, is the product the updated one in the market and many more features.